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Create a digital product


You want to give your customers the possibility to buy digital products? Nothing could be easier! Just follow the step by step creation process below.

Step 1 : Create a "Digital product" product page 

In order to create a digital product, it will be necessary to create a product page with a specific configuration (Products > Add a product section):

In the Details tab, click on Digital Product in Product Type and add the link that the customer will receive by email to access this product.

As it is a digital product, delivery, customization and variants will not be available on the product sheet.

💡 Useful tips

For the creation and hosting of links for your digital products, here is a selection of free platforms :

Step 2 : Establish the conditions of access to the product

Go to Settings > Store settings > Product page

In this section, you can define the access conditions to your products by limiting the time of availability and the number of downloads per order.

Step 3 : Customize your transactional email sent to your customer

If you want to customize your transactional email sent to the customer when he finalizes his order, go to Content > Customize Emails

In this section, you will be able to personalize your sent email by referring to the following article from our Help Center:

👉 Customize my transactional emails


⚠️ Watch out 

To avoid fraudulent product downloads, customers must be logged into their account to download the product.


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!