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Get the URL of my image

When you edit your product catalog via CSV spreadsheet and if you want to add the photos of your products, you need to enter the URL of your image in the "Photos" columns of your spreadsheet.

Your image URL can also be useful if you want to add an image in the long description of your product page, for example.

Here are the steps to follow to get the URL of your image:

  1. Go to Appearance > Add CSS and select "Add/Select Image".
  2. The image manager appears to allow you to download and/or select your product image.
  3. Once the image has been downloaded and/or selected, the URL to be used will be displayed on the page in order for you to import it into your CSV spreadsheet.

☝️ Good to know

If you have already your image URLs, we strongly recommend you to realize this operation to have all your images hosted on our CDN and therefore always visible for your visitors.


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