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Creating topic clusters on my store


The topic cluster is an advanced SEO strategy. You must have already optimized the SEO of your store, have some knowledge in SEO in general and be comfortable with content creation.

The topic cluster is a SEO strategy that consists in treating all the questions asked by the Internet users around a specific topic while creating a relevant link between the pages. 

This will allow you to position yourself on new keywords by asking questions related to a certain topic and creating quality content related to it.

To create your topic cluster, go to Settings (cogwheels) > Content > Topic Cluster Manager 

Simply click on Create a new topic cluster and start creating the pages related to your topic by following the same functioning as the informative pages

You can find the list of your created topic cluster in the dropdown menu.


💡 Useful tip

In the Recommended Tools tab, you will find tools and resources at your disposal.

Their use is not mandatory, however, if used, we recommend that you follow the order of the themes corresponding to the different steps (Keyword Research, Visualization, Internal Linking, Semantic Optimization, Performance Monitoring).


👉 Resources 

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