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Add a booking option on your store

It is possible to add a booking option on your store by customizing products or by using external services.  

Customizing products

 If you need bookings for a few products only and if you allow several clients to book at the same time (for example for collecting the product from the shop), customizing products ins the most simple booking option.

In the tab Customization of your product pages, add a date as a first customizing option. To this you can then associate another option in the form of a choice list, for example a list of available slots.
☝️ Good to know

Note that this option does not allow you to block certain days such as weekends and holidays. Your clients can choose any day on the calendar presented to them. No centralized option of your appointments will be offered from this section: you will have to keep a calendar listing all your bookings. 


Calendly is another free booking software that you can link to your store.

With features such as synchronization with existing calendars, support for different time zones and customizable reminders, Calendly helps streamline and optimize appointment management.

Your own booking software 

If you already work with a booking software, you can add it to your store in 2 different ways: 

  • By adding a link on your store redirecting to your booking tool
  • By technically integrating it into your store using our API

👉 Resources

Calendly: Offer a booking system on my store

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!