Customer list features

From Orders > View all customers, you can perform quick actions on your customer list. 

View a customer record quickly

From your customer list, you can quickly find your customers' main information:
(1) Their name. By clicking on your customer's name, you’ll be able to access their detailed record and view all their personal information:

(2)  Their age and geographical location
(3) Their total number of orders, their total number of products ordered and the total amount they have spent since their first order
(4)  Their total loyalty points available
(5) The last two buttons will allow you to deactivate this customer or delete them completely
Deactivating a customer means that their data will be kept in your customer database but that they will no longer be able to connect to their account on your store.
Deleting a customer means that all of their data will be deleted from your customer database and that they will have to create a new account if they want to order from your store again. 

Search and/or filter the customers on your list


The top menu will allow you to:

  • Search for a customer by name or ID
  • Filter your customers by "deactivated customers", "new customers", "loyal customers", "customers" or "potential customers".
  • Create a segment of customers who meet very specific criteria (example: a segment of customers who are both registered for the newsletter and based in France)

Export customers or add loyalty points
You can perform different actions on one or more customer(s) simultaneously using the top of page buttons:

  • Deactivate: This option allows you to deactivate the selected customer(s).
  • Export customers: This option allows you to export your customer records in CSV format.                👉 Export your customer records.
  • Add loyalty points: This option allows you to add or remove loyalty points for one or more customer(s). 


    Note: to remove loyalty points from your customer, you can add a "-" before the number of points to be removed. For example, to remove 10 loyalty points from your customer's balance, enter "-10" in the field and click on OK. 
    💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!