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Choosing my business model

When you start an e-commerce activity, one of the first questions to ask yourself is the following: Which business model to choose?

Traditional e-commerce with WiziShop

If you have stock, or you create your own products, and you want to manage the shipments yourself, your site will be a traditional e-commerce store.

You manage the payments, the delivery and the after-sales service of each of your orders.

Dropshipping with Dropizi

If you don't have stock and don't want to spend time managing your shipments, the best option is a dropshipping store.

When your customer places an order on your store, you will just have to send the order to your supplier, who will prepare and send the package to your customer.

In this case, you only manage the payments and the after-sales service of each of your orders.

Affiliation with Evolup

If you don't want to manage the payments, the delivery or the after-sales service, then, an affiliate store is made for you.

You promote products on your store and redirect visitors to your affiliate partner's site.

In this case, you do not manage the collection, delivery or after-sales service of your orders.


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