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Returns and refunds (classic e-commerce)

Managing an online store sometimes involves returns and refunds for certain orders. Returns can be common, particularly depending on the type of product you sell on your online store.

In any case, if one of your customers wants to return a product, it is essential that you know the reason for the return, whether by email or through a form. You’ll be able to work out your best customer satisfaction strategies ! 

If your customer received a faulty product or isn’t satisfied with the quality, you can ask them to return the product to you, at their expense or not, so you can refund the order.

How can I offer returns ?

Building a trusting relationship with your customer is essential. A customer whose after-sales service experience has been positive is a customer who will certainly order from you again.

Transparency involves adding various pieces of information necessary for good communication between your store and your customers:

  • Your customer service email address
  • Phone number
  • Contact form
  • Return form, if applicable

Be quick to respond when you receive an email, but make sure that your customer is reassured : their problem is being investigated. 

Legal information

Any professional website, whether merchant or not, is required to state the following information:

  • Legal notices
  • Withdrawal period and maximum return period
  • Type of refund offered
  • Return shipping costs (if applicable)
  • Presence of a return label and where to find it (if applicable)
  • Refund processing time 

How do I refund an order?

Depending on the payment options you’ve set up, you’ll have the option to refund your customer's order directly from the payment platform. No refunds will be possible via your administration area.

You can however change the status of your order and switch it to “Refunded” to put your products back in stock. The Change of order status option in Configuration > Orders & Invoices, in the Orders tab will allow you to decide if your stock should be automatically re-incremented or not when you move an order to Refunded.
 To move an order to Refunded status, go to the Orders > See all orders. You can then select the order and edit its status.
Also, don’t hesitate to create an account credit, which will allow you to record the refund for your bookkeeping.

☝️ Good to know

Your account credits will be automatically sent to your customer by email. Remember to fill in the information as precisely as possible!

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!