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Create a batch of products

Offering product bundles (Example: a box or a gourmet basket) to your customers is a great way to increase your average basket.

💡 Useful tip

If some of your products are complementary, but you don't want to force your customers to buy a whole batch, don't hesitate to consider cross-selling.

Use products from my catalog as a variant choice

When you create a product with variants, you have 3 possibilities to add choices of variants.

  • Enter choices manually.
  • Use the pre-recorded choices that we provide (main size standards, shoe size, colors, etc.).
  • Use products from your catalog (bundle).

This last option is very convenient to manage the stock and price of your products in a comprehensive way.

By using a product as a variant choice, its stock will change according to whether it is ordered as part of a product bundle or ordered alone.
Simply configure your product from the "Advanced Options" tab of your product page, and choose the "bundle" option (note that to become a bundle, your product must not itself contain variants, and this product must be displayed but will not be visible on the site).

To illustrate this feature, we will use the example of a picnic basket that we customize. 
Here, you will give your customers the opportunity to create the basket of their dreams by choosing from several products from your catalog.

Here are the steps to follow :

  1. Create 3 new variants on our product page. At the time of entering the different choices, we will use the option "Use existing products".
  2. You can then select your products from your catalog (published or bundled products that do not themselves have variants).
  3. Check the products you want to add and confirm. The information of your selected products (name, photo, price, weight, stock, etc.) will be automatically transferred to your variant manager.
  4. Repeat the operation for your different variants.

The price of each component selected by the customer will be added and the total price of the product will be automatically updated, live, on your site.

Your customer will also be able to choose a specific quantity for each variant option.

Create new variants

The combination of several variants allows you to create complex products with a multitude of possible choices.

To create your batch of products, here are the steps to follow:

  1. On the desired product page, create your new simple or customized variants
  2. Once each variation is created, you will be able to modify the order of the variations from the blue sidebar, as well as the choices or the configuration.

Each variation must be mandatory. Thus, the customer must compose his batch to validate his custom product.

The price of the different choices is never the same. The addition of the three choices constitutes the total price of the product.
This price is automatically calculated on the customer's product page.


☝ Good to know

To add variants to your products, use the "advanced mode" on your product page.


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!