Configure cross-selling

Cross-selling is a technique to promote complementary products when your customer visits a product page. For example, your customer is on a camera page. You can offer them the ideal bag and memory card to complete there purchase. They will then possibly be tempted by this suggestion and your average cart value will increase. 

How do I set them up and what are the 3 possible types of cross-selling?

There are 3 different types of cross-selling on our platform. In order to set them up, go to your product page, in advanced options.

You will then simply have to enable this function, and select the products that will be suggested for sale on the base product page.


The 3 types of links are as follows: 

  • Normal: the products you just selected will appear on the page of the item you are creating in the recommendations.
  • Reverse: This is the opposite of normal link. It is the product you are creating that will be offered on the pages of the selected items. This option is very convenient. For example, you have 25 different camera models. You are in the process of creating the page for a memory card compatible with all the cameras. Instead of having to change each camera one after the other, in the memory card page, you select all the cameras and choose the reverse link.
  • Reciprocal: The link works in both directions. For example a T-shirt and shorts of the same color. On the T-Shirt page, the shorts will be offered and conversely, on the shorts sheet, the T-shirt will be promoted.

Where can you find all your cross-sales in the administration area?

Go to the Products section > Cross-Selling List, and select this button.

This section will allow you to see all your cross-selling, edit their relationship and delete them.

💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!