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Setting up automatic email follow-ups


On WiziShop, you can easily create automatic follow-ups (emails) sent to the right people, at the right time! Simply go to Marketing > Automatic follow-ups in your administration area.  

There are 8 automated scenarios possible :

  • Abandoned cart: follows up with customers who did not complete their orders.
  • Pending payment: follows up with customers who did not complete their payment.
  • Birthday: you can wish a happy birthday to your beloved customers (and offer them a discount code, for example)
  • Customers subscribed to the newsletter: thank the people who subscribed to your newsletter.
  • First order: you can schedule an email X days after your customer's first order.
  • Last order: you can also follow up with your customer if they have not placed an order on your store for X days. Each customer will only receive this follow-up email once.
  • Number of orders: the follow-up will be sent if your customer exceeds a certain number of confirmed orders.
  • Total purchase amount: the follow-up email will be sent automatically if your customer exceeds a certain total purchase amount.

Once you have selected your scenario, you will have access to the email creation tool, as well as to all the statistics of your follow-up emails to measure the reach of each one.

💡 Good to know

  • If you have a standard plan, you can only use the Abandoned cart email follow-up
  • You can set up a particular customer segment. For example, you can send a "Happy Birthday" only to your regular customers (using their RFM profile). You can also decide to promote certain products with a good discount. By segmenting, you can create a follow-up for women and a follow-up for men, with a selection of products adapted to each segment.
  • You can create multiple emails for one type of follow-up. This can be used in the previous example by applying a different segment to each email, but it is also useful to truly adapt your communication. 


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!