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The SEO optimization of my product pages

A product page optimized for SEO is essential for your online store, as it improves the visibility of your products on search engines such as Google.

To access the SEO configuration of your product page, go to Products > Product list, select the product you want to edit and click on the "SEO" tab.

In this section, you will find 2 tabs:

Ranking preview and optimization

Preview in Google

This preview is the Google search result for your product. 

It should be as attractive and as relevant as possible in order to encourage internet users to click on your product rather than another.

Are your keywords present in the page? 

Here, you can test and check if your product's main keywords feature in the four main parts of your product page:

  • Page title (you can edit it in the SEO tab)
  • Page URL (you can edit it in the SEO tab)
  • Meta-description (you can edit it in the SEO tab)
  • Long description (you can edit it in the Information tab)

This tool is only a visual test, it will not prevent you from publishing your product page. If you see a red cross next to an item, don't panic and simply edit the main keywords in the relevant part. A red cross means that not all your keywords feature in this part.

Important information for ranking in search engine

Here you can change directly:

  • The page title
  • The page URL
  • The meta-description.

Your changes will automatically be updated in the Google preview.

A maximum number of characters is recommended for the page title (65) and its meta-description (155). To ensure that your text appears in full, do not exceed the number of characters, otherwise “...” will replace the surplus characters in the Google preview.

Your store name does not need to appear in the page title, we strongly recommend that you word your meta-descriptions to ensure that they are as precise as possible and unique to every product page.

💡 Useful tips

Think about optimizing the referencing of your product photos so that they have a better chance of appearing in the image search results. You can do this in 2 ways:

  • Go to the Photos tab of your product page and click on any photo to open the Image Manager. Rename each photo, describing what it shows. You should ideally insert your product's main keywords.
  • You can change the titles of all your product photos in Image Manager. You do not need to do it from every product page. (cf. tutorial How do I use the Image Manager?)

💬 Feel free to contact the Business Coach team if you have any question !