Configure loyalty discounts

Do you want your customers to receive loyalty points as well as various discounts and offers? Thanks to our "Offers & Loyalty programs" feature you will be able to configure each aspect according to your needs.
To do this, go to your administration area, in the Marketing section > Offers & loyalty programs.   

Our powerful tool has 3 parts:
Loyalty programs

  • Set up a loyalty points system according to your criteria that will generate a predefined discount
  • This discount will apply according to your rules (number of points)

New customers

  • Specify a number of loyalty points to be added to a first order
  • Set up a special discount on a first order
  • Configure whether this discount can be combined with a discount code

Customer benefits

  • Set up a segment of customers who will receive a specific discount
  • May or may not be combined with a discount code

Loyalty points


In this first part, you will indicate the main rules to earn loyalty points. First, does the customer earn points based on the amount of their purchases or the number of orders they place?
For example, we can assign 100 points to each new order or 1 point per € paid (these values are of course completely up to you).
Then, you will be able to define if these points can be combined with other discounts or benefits
By default, your customer will not earn loyalty points on their order if they use a discount voucher or if they receive a loyalty discount. But you can, if you wish, allow them to earn points in these specific cases.
Finally, what happens to their loyalty points when they place an order?

Do they lose all their points?

In this case, if they are entitled to a €60 discount and they only use €45, too bad!


Do they keep all their points?

In this case, you could imagine assigning benefits based on their "rank." For example, if they have placed 10 orders, they receive a 5% discount for life. If they exceed 25 orders, 10%, etc... Or, what is most common - the customer only loses the points they used. If they use 160 points, we deduct only these 160 points.

Use of loyalty points

You can set conditions for your customer to benefit from their loyalty benefits. First, do they have the right to use their benefits from the 2nd order? For example, you can set this to the 5th order if you want.
Then, do the benefits apply from a certain purchase amount? You can, for example, specify that loyalty discounts are only applicable with a minimum purchase of €80, etc.
Finally, can loyalty discounts be combined with a promotional code or other customer benefit? By default, they are not, which means that if your customer applies a discount code or is part of a customer segment to which you have assigned a benefit, the loyalty discount is not taken into account.

Calculation of discounts


This is the great flexibility of our tool! You will be able to define (if you wish) several loyalty groups.
For example, you will apply one benefit for customers who have at least 10 points and another for customers who have more than 100 loyalty points...
There are numerous types of benefits possible. A discount on their order or free shipping costs.

Discount on the order

The discount can be fixed (if the customer has between 10 and 50 points, they are entitled to €5 discount or 3% for example). The discount can also be calculated according to their number of points (this is the most common use). In this case, you can define a calculation rule. For example, 10 points = €1. A customer who has 64 points will therefore receive a €6 discount. This calculation may be different depending on the point ranges you have defined.

Free shipping

If you decide to apply free shipping as a customer benefit, you will be able to specifically define which delivery options apply. As a small example, you could decide to offer free Royal Mail shipping to your customers who have more than 150 points, but not UPS. 
There are therefore a wealth of possibilities. It's up to you to use your imagination to bring your store to life!

Benefits for your new customers



If you wish, you can encourage your prospective customers to make their first purchase on your site by giving them a benefit (discount on the amount of the cart and/or free shipping costs).
The different possibilities:
First, you can specify whether your customer earns loyalty points on their first order (this option is of course only offered if you have set loyalty parameters). If you're thinking of giving benefits to your new customers, you may not want them to earn loyalty points on their first order...
Then, you will be able to define several levels according to the amount of their order. This option is very powerful since it will allow you to assign different benefits according to their purchase. For example, you could offer free shipping for orders over €50 and give them a 10% discount + free shipping costs for orders over €150!
You can assign a discount (in € or %) and/or offer one or more delivery option free of charge (you have the choice among your different delivery options).
It's up to you to clearly indicate these benefits on your site and in your communications (emails, Google Ads, etc.) to convince as many of your prospective customers as possible. This benefit will then be clearly indicated in their cart!

How do I specify a discount or benefits for some of my customers?

It is possible to allocate benefits (e.g. 5% discount or free shipping) to certain customer segments.

The possibilities

It is possible to apply business rules on up to 3 customer segments. You will be able to assign an order to your different segments to give them priority. If your customer belongs to several segments, the one you have placed the highest will be prioritized.
Next, you will define the benefits and conditions.
If your customer belongs to a segment, will they earn loyalty points? You may choose to enable or disable this option. This option is independent of the benefits and discounts that will be assigned to them. So you could imagine, for example, that a certain segment of customers is not entitled to either loyalty program rules, or any benefits, etc.
If you apply a benefit to this customer segment, you will specify whether it can be combined with a discount code. Finally, you will define the benefits. Just like loyalty programs or benefits for new customers, you will be able to create various levels.

It is possible to define many groups according to the total value of the cart. So if your customer belonging to the Y segment has put €50 in their cart, you could, for example, offer them a €5 discount; if they add €150 worth of goods to their cart, they would be entitled to a 10% discount + the free shipping costs, and so on. 
This gives you great flexibility to assign benefits to dynamic groups of customers.
Here are some concrete examples:

  • You offer free shipping to your business customers whose delivery address is in Paris.
  • You offer 10% discount to your customers who have placed at least 5 orders on the site and whose orders are delivered by UPS
  • You offer 5% discount to your customers who order a specific product

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