My abandoned orders



You may have wondered why an order is considered abandoned on your WiziShop administration area. This article explains the reasons and how to avoid them.  


An abandoned order is by definition an order which has not been finalized and completed (no payment or shopping cart abandonment, for example). So logically, no invoice will be generated for an order that has not been completed. 


☝️ You can find your abandoned orders in the Orders section > View all orders, and filter the status of your orders
Note: Don’t confuse an abandoned order with refunded or canceled orders, which have invoices associated with them.
Now let's see what can cause an abandoned order.

Your customer logs out of the website


Your customer is ordering and adding various products to their shopping cart. At the end of the order funnel (choice of delivery and payment method), they close their browser or log out. The order will then move to "abandoned” status.

Your customer leaves a payment module to choose another


The same process as mentioned above except that this time, your customer arrives at the end of the order funnel. 

However, they decide to change their mind and opt for another payment module. They therefore cancel the current module and choose another one. The order whose payment module is canceled therefore goes to abandoned.

Your customer decides to add other products

On the order confirmation page, the customer decides to return to the store in order to complete the purchase, the current order therefore goes to abandoned and a new order number is generated. 

Your customer spends some time before confirming their order

Your customer decides to look at what the competition has to offer, for example, or surfs the Internet at the same time. The shopping cart’s confirmation page is still open, but after a certain time, the order will be considered unfinished and therefore abandoned.

How do I re-engage my customers so that they complete their purchases?

The best way to encourage your customers to complete their purchases is to send them a fully automated reminder email using our automatic reminder tool
This very powerful tool is integrated into WiziShop and we strongly recommend that you use it.  An email will be automatically sent to your customers who have abandoned their shopping cart, which will increase your conversion rate.
Find all the details on our automatic reminder module in this article.
💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!