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WiziBlocks: Slideshow

The Slideshow WiziBlock will allow you to set up a carousel of images on your page to energize it: 



Layout choices

In the left-hand menu, click on the WiziBlock "Slideshow" and choose one of the proposed layouts:

  • Simple Slideshow 


  • Slideshow with a navigation on the left


  • Slideshow with an image on the right


  • Slideshow with two images on the right


  • Full page slideshow and banner below


Specificities of the WiziBlock Slideshow

To begin, you can consult the general configurations common to all WiziBlocks.

Other options will allow you to :

  • Define the time between each slideshow of your visuals: in milliseconds.
  • Define the navigation mode: with or without dots.
  • Choose the height of your block: Small, Medium or Large.
  • Find the ideal size for your visuals, which is indicated in the block and varies according to the layout you have chosen.


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