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WiziBlocks: Background video

The Background video WiziBlock will allow you to add a video to your page, to which you can text and auto-play.   


Layout choices

In the left-hand menu, click on the WiziBlock "Background video" and choose one of the proposed layouts:

  • Simple video :


  • Video with text :


  • Video with text in content :


  • Video with text on the left :


Specificities of the WiziBlock Background video

To begin, you can consult the general configurations common to all WiziBlocks.

Other options will allow you to :

  • Add the link to your video
  • Display/hide control buttons
  • Turn autoplay on/off
  • Mute your video
  • Play it on a loop. 

☝ Good to know:

  • To make sure that your videos that you want to add are displayed properly, they should be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo before being downloaded to your store. Do be mindful of the fact that many videos posted on YouTube and Vimeo are copyrighted and may not be used. You will need to use your own videos or look for a video that is not protected by copyright. Have a look at Pexels, a website with a whole range of free videos.
  • Our system automatically crops videos to hide default control buttons (the video is slightly zoomed in). You will have to take this into consideration when downloading your videos.
  • To avoid having two black bands on either side of your video, check that it is filmed in landscape format, not portrait.
  • If your videos are hosted on YouTube and  you don’t want them to be listed on it, you can change the privacy settings so that your video can appear on your store without it appearing in YouTube search results.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!