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The Google Search Console is reporting errors on my website. What should I do?

Does your Search Console indicate that errors have been detected on your website and must be corrected? Don’t worry, as this is completely normal!

It may be that the problem lies with the structure of your store’s data, or that certain data does not comply with Google’s standards.

When that happens, the Google Search Console sends you a report on the potential problems detected.
If you are not sure how to solve the problems reported, please refer to the help section of the Search Console for assistance in understanding the issue.
In the majority of cases, the errors resolve themselves. Google robots regularly review your store, and a warning that goes back to a certain date often becomes obsolete after a few days. It is just a question of waiting.
Sometimes, the Search Console tells you about certain things, such as the absence of a review or notes on your products for example, through missing “review” Field and missing “aggregate rating” Field warnings. These warnings are not errors and are simply indicating that no reviews of your product have yet been posted.
If your warnings don’t disappear after a week or two, please contact your Business Coaches. So that we can find out where the problem lies, you will need to give us limited access to your Search Console, with the following email address: business-coach@wizishop.com. Follow this Google guide to set up access for a new user
Once the user access has been set up, contact your Business Coaches and provide them with the following information:

  • A screenshot of the error reported by your Search Console (we need the exact description)
  • The URLs that the error relates to (click on the error and the Search Console will list the relevant URLs).

We will carry out the necessary checks to find out how to correct the error!

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!