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Add my products to Google Shopping

Google offers a real shopping guide within its search engine. Visitors can discover products, compare prices, sort by theme or apply sorting on the different results.

Registration on Google

The first step will be to verify that you have registered your site on Google. Read the following tutorials to make sure that your Google account is ready :

Requirements for shopping guides

The second step will be to make sure that you meet the necessary requirements to display your products on Google Shopping:

  • Your product visuals are cut out and on a white background, and have a minimum size of 1200 x 1200 px
  • All your products have EAN codes
  • The "Additional details for marketplaces" section in the SEO tab of your product page must be completed. Here is a Google tutorial detailing how to meet these criteria.
  • Your store must also be launched to the public and perfectly optimized:

Set up your Google Shopping module

If this is your first time exporting to the platform, first create your Google Merchant Center account and set it up using the detailed steps in the Google Merchant Center help topic.

Once your account is set up, you will be able to choose your products to export to Google Shopping. To do so, go to Marketing > Product Export Tools, then select the "Google Merchant Center" module and click on "Activate this export":

  • The first box will first allow you to link your categories to Google Shopping categories. This step is essential, because it allows you to insert your products in the most relevant categories on Google Shopping, and thus to index your products so that they are visible
  • Now choose which products you want to export
  • Once you have selected your products, click on Export and save
  • Copy the generated XML URL to your clipboard

 Import your products on Google Shopping

To import your .xml file into your Merchant Center, go to the Products section in the side menu, then click on See all methods:

  • Choose your country of sale and your feed's language
  • Then select your feed's destinations (find out more about the free listings)
  • Give your feed a name
  • Then select the Scheduled fetch method
  • Fill out the fetch schedule as follows:
    • Enter the same feed name as in the previous step
    • Keep the default fetch frequency and fetch time: Daily at 12:00 AM
    • Keep the default timezone as well (which should match the country of sale selected above)
    • Paste the .xml URL copied earlier
  • Once your feed is created, you are automatically redirected to the homepage of the Feeds section, which is empty. Click again on the Feeds tab on the left to display your new feed, which is pending validation

 Note that the validation of your feed may take up to 24 hours. Now, you only need to wait for Google to validate your catalog!


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