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The newsletters


Sending regular newsletters is an excellent strategy to build customer loyalty. Inform about your news, propose a promotional code, promote your events.

In order to manage your email campaigns, you just have to go to the Marketing > Newsletters section.

You can check here :

  • Your sent campaigns
  • Your pending campaigns 
  • Your draft campaigns 
  • Your list of subscribers

In this section, you can also see the number of emails you have and buy some.

To create a new email campaign:

  • Select "Create an email".
  • Start by defining the first elements of your campaign:
    • Its name
    • The sender's name
    • The reply email
    • The email subject
  • Save and continue to the email creation tool

Email creation


The design tool allows you to choose :

  • The layout : by choosing the columns
  • The content : by personalizing different elements :
    • Text
    • Button
    • Image
    • Video
    • Divider
    • Spacer
    • Social Sharing
    • HTML block
    • RSS item

The various elements will then be directly customizable.


The Settings tab will allow you to configure :

  • The language of your email
  • The page layout
  • The background color
  • The text styles

The buttons at the top of the page will allow you to undo or undo your last changes, to see a preview of your mailing and to save your emailing for later.

To ensure excellent deliverability of your email campaigns, we go through the Mailjet service, which specializes in the field.

💡 Useful Tip

Don't hesitate to create dynamic customer segments to be able to address your emails to certain segments in particular, and target your communications a maximum.

Customization variants

To personalize your emails, you have access to dedicated customization variants.

For example, your customer's first or last name, email address, customer number, date sent, etc.

These variables should be added directly in the body of your email.

Note that if the recipient of your email has not filled in the information corresponding to these variants (for example, if it is a newsletter that you are sending to subscribers who are not yet customers of yours, and for whom you therefore only have an email address), the default value of these variants will be an empty field.



In the dashboard you can find the information for each of your sent campaigns: number and rate of opening and clicks, messages in error or spam, the different clicked links, etc.


The Contacts tab will allow you to see the details of the statistics related to each recipient of your newsletter

You will also be able to classify your customers by status, to see which of your customers have opened your email, clicked on the links, purchased, etc.

The states of the emails

The different states of the sent emails are :

  • All : lists all the customers who have received your newsletter
  • Sent, Opened, Clicked and Bought : list the customers to whom the email was sent, those who opened it, those who clicked on at least one link, and those who completed a purchase.
  • Error : lists the customers for whom the email was sent in error (non-existent email address, deactivated email address, full inbox, etc.)
  • Blocked : lists the customers for whom the sending of the email has encountered a block (Learn more about Mailjet blocks)
  • Spam : lists the customers for whom your newsletter arrived in the junk mail.
  • Unsubscribed : lists the customers who have unsubscribed from your newsletter.


The last tab Links will allow you to see the number of clicks and purchases generated by each link, as well as the purchase amount.

Import an email address file on my store

To find your current subscriber base, go to Marketing >Newsletters and promotional emails, "Subscribers" tab.
The "Import your subscribers" button will allow you to import a list of email addresses into your subscriber base.

You have 2 possibilities to import subscribers:

  • In the pop-up, you can manually enter your email addresses
  • In order to be able to easily copy and paste your email addresses in the format expected by our system, we recommend that you first place them in a Word or Excel file, with one email address per line.

⚠️ Watch Out

Downloading or buying email address files online is punishable by law. By validating the addition of addresses in the pop-up above, you declare on your honor that all the holders of the email addresses have accepted to receive commercial information from you.


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!