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Add customized badges to my products

Adding a customized badge will allow you to quickly convey a message to your customers right from the product list: clearance, last pieces, express delivery, etc. Just like the existing ones for discounts, sales, flash sales, and new.  

You can customize the text, the background color and on which products to apply each badge:


 Go to your product page, in the "Advanced options" tab. Under "Badges on the product", choose the text and the color of your badge.

You can then apply the same badge on other products, and even bulk apply it to a selection of products by using the "Other actions" menu in your product list.

The badge appears :

  • On product listings (category, search, home)
  • In the product page
  • In the predictive search

☝️ Good to know

Default badges (e.g. Discounts, News, etc.) can be combined with custom badges, the 2 badges will appear on the products.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!