Product list features

Via the Products section > List of products, you can perform quick actions on one or more product(s) without modifying each of the product pages concerned. This is a real time saver!  

Quickly edit a product page

Via the list of products, you will find a table grouping all the products in your store, where each line represents a product with its main information:


On each line, you will be able to quickly modify: 
(1) The selling price of the product 
(2) The stock of the product 

(3) The status of the product: Displayed, not displayed, unavailable (See ”What are the statuses of your products?”)
 You will also be able to: 

(4) Enter the editing area of the product page to modify all its information 
(5) Duplicate the product to create a similar product page in the blink of an eye 

☝️ Good to know

If you have a product with variants, the price displayed will not be modifiable directly from the column, and a dash "-" will be displayed on the stock column. The stock and price of the product can be modified from the list of variants:




Search and/or filter the products on your list


This top part of the list of products allows you to: 

  • Search for one or more product(s) by name or reference
  • Filter your products by brand, custom badge, category, or status
  • Create a product segment that meets very specific criteria (example: a segment of products that are, at the same time, in draft status, from the same brand and the same supplier)

Select one or more product(s)

Once your search (or filter) has been applied and to start modifying one or more products, select the products to be modified according to 2 options:

  • manually by selecting the checkbox of the desired products (1)
  • automatically by clicking on "all" to select all the products in your search/filter result (2)


 Edit one or more product(s) with the buttons at the top of the page



You can perform different actions on one or more product(s), simultaneously, thanks to the buttons at the top of the page:

  • Copy to: This option allows you to copy the selected product(s) to another of your stores. It will only appear if you have multiple stores linked to the same account. N.B. variants of a product cannot be copied to another store.
  • Apply a discount: This option allows you to apply one of 4 types of discounts to your products: Promotion, sale, flash sale or sliding scale price. (See “What are the 4 types of discounts applicable to my products?”)
  • Category: This option allows you to make a category change (primary or secondary) for one or more product(s) with an option to replace, add or remove the current categories.
  • Delete: This option allows you to delete the selected product(s). N.B. this action is irreversible and is therefore to be used with caution. We are unable to recover a product that has been deleted.
  • "Other actions" drop-down menu: This menu allows you to perform various actions on the selected product(s). (See “What are the features of the "Other actions" menu of my list of products?”

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