Manage my store’s product reviews and ratings

Measure your users' shopping and visiting experience on your store with our reviews and scores management tool to:

  • Collect a review of your store and services to improve your services.
  • Create content automatically and thus improve your SEO. 
  • Increase your conversion rate by reassuring your visitors.
  • Increase the visibility of your site thanks to our social media sharing tools.

Basic configuration of product and store reviews.

You can choose whether or not to enable to possibility to leave a score, receive an email with each new review or your moderation method. (if you want to read the comment before publishing it or moderate it at a later date, if necessary).

This setting is accessible in Setting > Reviews & Share.


In terms of products reviews and scores, you can automatically schedule an email that will be sent to your customer X days after sending (or receiving) their order to encourage them to comment on the products purchased. 

In terms of store reviews and scores, a similar option will allow you to send an email automatically to your customer after X days. This email will invite them to give their opinion on the store and their purchase. 


You have the option to open product reviews to all your visitors or reduce this possibility to your customers only (all customers of the store or only customers who have purchased the product in question). 



Product reviews and scores.

You will be able to display an overall average of the rating obtained by the product and highlight either the latest comments received or the reviews of your choice.


A new page appears on your sites and presents all the reviews of a product. In addition to being optimized for natural SEO, this page will highlight this unique content automatically generated by your visitors. 
On the product page, the "Customer Reviews" section has therefore been added. The basic comment form is extremely small to encourage comments.

When they publish their comment, and tick the Facebook or Twitter sharing box, it will be automatically published on their social media with a link to your product!

Site-side customer reviews for your store.

Was the customer happy with your store? What did your customer think of their shopping experience? These reviews will serve to reassure your visitors and also allow you to improve your services.
Be aware that in addition to the automatic email on the review settings page, you can encourage your customers to comment on their purchase on the order confirmation page. 


Set up the display of reviews on your home page.

Go to Content > Homepage content.
🖐️ If you use the WiziBlocks system for your homepage, go to the dedicated section!
Once your reviews are activated, you will be able to display the average rating and a link to the different reviews you have approved, on your homepage. A new page is therefore available to consult all the reviews available for the store. 

Moderation tools. 


This tool is accessible from the Marketing > Manage reviews & scores section:


You will be able to approve or disapprove a comment, ban a user or modify your product comments. Among the available options, you will also be able to sort your comments by product, by customer or by date!
💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!