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Change the name of my store

The name of your store must be modified in 3 sections of your administration space:

Manage my stores section

Move the mouse over the name of your store in the top right corner of your administration space and click on Manage my stores.
The store management page will appear as a table with 3 columns: Group, Store and Language.

In the Store column, click on the name of the store you want to change.

Note here that you will not be able to fill in a store name that is already in use. Each of your stores must have a different name.

My Account section

Move your mouse over the My Account section at the top right of your administration space. In the My Store column, click on Store Information.

Change the name of your store in the Name of the store section.

The change made in this section is very important. The name of your store is present in different places on your site (for example: your transactional emails).

My HomePage content section

Now go to Content > Home page content, Configuration/SEO tab.

Here you can change the information relating to your home page and to the Google search results.

👉 To find out more on the Settings/SEO tab.



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