Crisp : add a conversation bubble on my store

There are several options that allow you to setup a free conversation bubble on your website, so as to communicate directly with your clients.  
These options can be integrated on your Wizishop store by way of free scripts.
We selected a French option called Crisp.

Creating an account


Fill in the details on the subscription form by adding your email address, your password and your full name.
Make sure you do not misspell your password as you write it only once.



Add your domain name and your website name.

Set up the chat on your store

Recover the script on Crisp

Go to the section Settings > Website settings of your Crisp account and click on the button Integrations.

Select HTML and copy the script code given to you.
Add script on Wizishop

Go to your Wizishop administration space then to the section Configuration > Tags and external services > Scripts Free

Click on Add a script:


Paste the script that you copied and choose the location "Before the page content <head>" : 

Make sure the box "This script does not need an RGPD validation" is left unticked. 

To function properly, the Crisp script needs to trace the actions and data of users visiting your store. In accordance with the RGPD dispositions, your visitor can now decide not to share this information with the third party services you use. 👉 To learn more.
Now your online chat is set up!



Small tip

💡 You can configure your avatar and name in the section Settings > My account on your Crisp space.

👉 To know more about Crisp's help section.
👉 You'd rather use Facebook Messenger ? Follow our tutorial to install Facebook Messenger.

💬 Please contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!