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Elfsight : Add widgets to my store

ElfSight is an online platform offering a wide selection of widgets and tools for websites. These widgets are designed to enhance various aspects of your site, such as integrating your social networks, displaying comments or reviews, adding calendars, creating personalized forms, etc.

The platform offers a range of prices, starting with a free package.

Select your widget

Widget selection

Select the widget you wish to integrate into your store.

ElfSight offers a wide range of widgets, including social media widgets, testimonials, live chat, contact forms, calendars and more.

Widget customization

Once you've selected a widget, you can customize it according to your preferences and brand identity. This usually includes customization options such as colors, fonts, sizes, styles, and sometimes even advanced layout options.

Adding the widget to your store

Once widgets have been customized, ElfSight automatically generates the code needed to integrate them into your store.
You can add the widget to different parts of your store:

Home page

You can add the widget via the WiziBlock Code directly to your home page.

Product page

You can add the widget to your product sheet directly, by clicking on the Source mode of the product sheet or the </> icon.
You can then paste the code of your Elfsight Widget.

Information page

As with the home page, you can add the widget via the WiziBlock Code to any page directly.

☝️ Useful tips
You can also add your widget to your entire store via free scripts.


👉 Resources

To find out more, visit the Elfsight help center and don't hesitate to contact their customer service department if you need assistance.