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Why don't my products appear on my website?

Have you imported or created your products on your store but found that these are not displayed on your website?

This tutorial describes the settings you need to check to ensure that your products appear correctly on your store.

The status of the product

For your product to be displayed on your store, its status will need to be displayed. You will therefore need to complete your product page in full in Products > List of Products for it to change to "display" status. If you cannot find the missing details to provide, click on "View missing details" of your product page.

The product category

The category associated with your product must be visible.

Check in Products > Categories that the category is not hidden.

Mono-product store

In a mono-product store, neither the product pages nor the categories are displayed. The product will be showcased with a Product Zoom Wiziblock.
If you have created a mono-product store, you will need to add a zoom effect on a product, to display it on your home page. 

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