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Why aren't my categories displayed on my store?

Have you created categories, but they are not displayed on your website? Check the following:

Has the category been masked? 

To be visible, your category’s status must be set to "displayed". Check in Products > Categories that the category has not been hidden.

Does the category have associated products?

A category must contain at least one product whose status is set to displayed in order to appear on your store. If the category does not have an associated product, or the associated products are not set to displayed on your store, the category will not be visible on your store.

Do you have a Mono-product store?

If you have created a Mono-product store, the categories are not displayed on your store. As a Mono-product store only sells one product, product categories are not relevant.

Have you activated the enhanced menu?

If you have activated the enhanced menu, the categories that you create are not automatically added to your menu. You will have to set up your enriched menu and add your product categories. (How do I organize my browser menu?  Enhanced menu)

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