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Setting up Shippingbo

Shippingbo is a logistics platform for shipment management designed for e-merchants. It offers a range of services aimed at optimizing shipping processes and improving supply chain efficiency. Shippingbo positions itself as a turnkey solution for e-merchants looking to enhance their operational efficiency.

Activating ShippingBo

ShippingBo is not a module directly added to your WiziShop admin area. To use this service, simply go to the platform www.shippingbo.com and sign up.

From your ShippingBo dashboard, you need to connect your store:

  1. Go to the Connectors section > Sales Channels > WiziShop
  2. Add the store name
  3. From your WiziShop admin area, add a new user as an administrator
  4. Back on your ShippingBo dashboard, follow the provided instructions to complete the setup

Once your setup is complete, you will be able to:

    • Connect your store and all your sales channels (Marketplaces, ERP Systems, etc.)
    • Choose from the available carriers (UPS, DHL, La Poste, Chronopost, FedEx, etc.)
    • Centralize your orders on a dashboard
    • Print your labels
    • Inform your customers in real-time about the order progress

Setting up ShippingBo on your store

As previously mentioned, you won't find ShippingBo directly in your administrative area. ShippingBo is a partner of WiziShop that will allow you to automate your tasks and simplify your shipments. Therefore, no configuration is needed in your WiziShop administrative area. All configurations will be done directly through the ShippingBo platform.

ShippingBo prices

ShippingBo proposes a variety of prices according to your needs. 


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Feel free to contact ShippingBo's customer service directly for more specific information about their platform.