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Experts Services - Leads

You will find the Leads tab in the Experts Services section of your WiziShop Partners account.


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On each of your service pages, you will find a contact form that WiziShop customers can use to contact you. You will find these contact forms in your Leads tab of your WiziShop Partners account.





You will be able to consult the request in detail by clicking on the eye icon at the beginning of the line of each lead. You will find in the request : 

  • name
  • email
  • phone number
  • url site
  • the subject and the body of the message



You can then change the status of the lead among the proposed statuses: 

  • Waiting for treatment (default)
  • Customer contacted - ongoing
  • Rejected - the customer was not well targeted
  • Refused - the customer declined quotation
  • Validated proposal