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You can access the Settings section by clicking directly on your avatar (top right, in your administration area).


You will then have access to various sub-categories:

  • Your organization
  • Contacts
  • Your sites and networks
  • Manage Alerts

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Your organization

Enter your business details here: your profile type, the name of your company or establishment, its type, address and your CRS number.

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The information entered in this category is intended solely for the WiziShop Partners team, and will not be made public. The advantage here is to have different points of contact depending on your needs, i.e. sales, technical or customer support. You will be able to inform your contacts in French as well as in English, if they are not the same.

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Your sites and networks

On this section, we want to know how you will promote the WiziShop Group. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service.

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Manage Alerts

Via this tab, you will be able to choose and manage your preferences regarding the information and alerts you will receive by email. You will also be able to add additional email addresses if you wish to add recipients.

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