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Amazon Associates is an affiliate program from Amazon that allows businesses and individuals to earn money by promoting their products. As an affiliate, on your Evolup affiliate store, you can set up a real product catalog linking to Amazon's products in order to earn a commission for each sale made through your affiliate link.

With Amazon Affiliate, you have access to millions of products in many categories such as fashion, electronics, toys, home and garden furnishings, books, etc.

Amazon Affiliate also offers tools and resources to help you succeed as an affiliate. You can use their tracking tools to track the performance of your links as well as their banners and ads to promote products more easily.

You can join Amazon's affiliate program for free, and you will start earning money as soon as you set up your promotional links and a visitor orders one of your products on Amazon.

To get started with your Amazon Partner Program enrollment, we recommend following the steps outlined in this tutorial.

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Amazon Affiliate and Your Evolup Store

When you sign up for our Evolup solution, you have an automatic integration with Amazon that allows you to import and synchronize 50 Amazon products per month.

Amazon synchronization option

If you want to manage more than 50 Amazon products, you can subscribe to the Amazon synchronization option at any time, which allows you to import and sync up to 500 Amazon products.


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