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The SEO optimization of my blog posts

The activation of your blog is essential to the optimization of your site.

The blog allows you to address topics that revolve around products sold on your store, while positioning yourself on relevant keywords. Each article must therefore be optimized for the target keywords related to your theme.

The more optimized your blog articles are, the higher they will rank in the search results.

To access the SEO configuration of your blog articles, go to Content > Blog > Your posts then, select the article you wish to optimize and click on "Edit post"

In the tab "View advanced options (publication programming, SEO)" you will find diverse information: 

  • Optimized title:  The title is a tag that will send a signal to Google indicating that the information is the title of your page.

For each of your articles, we recommend simply including the title and a short description.

  • URL: This is the address of your article, it is important to keep it short and simple.
  • The meta description:This is the summary of your article. It must make the user want to click and read the article.

The pagination of your blog

Pagination allows you to organize your content into several pages, while numbering them. Each page has its own URL.

Blog posts are organized chronologically. The first pages correspond to the most recent articles and the last pages contain the oldest articles.

The pagination of your blog posts is natively enabled on your store.

This allows your customers to move from one page to another and find all your articles.

You can define the number of articles that will be displayed on each page of the blog.

To do this, go to the Content > Blog > Settings tab.

This will allow you to set the desired number of posts on each page.


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