The Dashboard is the main page of your WiziShop Partners account. You can access the Dashboard section in the left menu of your admin area.

Here, you'll find all the key information about your account, as well as various sources of information.


Your Dashboard includes the following sections:

  • Affiliation
  • Partnership
  • Support
  • News


How to activate the affiliate program?

To activate your WiziShop Partners affiliate program, go to your Dashboard and click on "I sign up".



My Affiliation Dashboard

This is where you'll find:

  • Your affiliate links
  • An overview of your affiliate statistics


Affiliate links

You have 3 affiliate links: one for WiziShop, one for Dropizi, and one for Evolup.

They are essential to track all the people who sign up for our solutions thanks to you and start earning commissions on each of their subscription(s).

To copy your links, simply click on them.

Note: you can also add your AFMC code to any link from WiziShop, Dropizi and/or Evolup sites so that the registrations made through you can be tracked.

For example:

"https://www.wizishop.com/pricing/solution-pricing/" + your AFMC (from the "?")

→ You have your tracked link!


Overview of your statistics

This is where you can follow an overview of your statistics concerning your affiliates and your commissions.

  • Number of clicks: the number of people who clicked on your affiliate links.
  • Number of members: the number of sign-ups to WiziShop, Dropizi and/or Evolup through your affiliate links, but still in the trial period.
  • Number of sales: the number of people who completed their registration to WiziShop, Dropizi and/or Evolup, by activating a paying plan.
  • Ongoing commissions : commissions generated pending validation.
  • Commissions available: commissions ready to be invoiced.
  • Request payment: you can request payment of your commission starting from €100 in earnings. You no longer need to provide us with an invoice, we automatically provide you with a payment certificate.


How to apply for a partnership?

To apply for a Partnership, go to your Dashboard and click on "Apply Now".

My Partnership Dashboard

This is where you'll find an overview of your affiliate statistics concerning your leads.


  • Total leads: the total number of leads received since the creation of your partner page.
  • Leads in the current month: the number of leads received this month.
  • Visits: the number of people who clicked on your partner page.
  • Conversions %: % representing the total number of leads concluded over the total number of leads received.
  • Concluded leads: the total of your leads finalized with WiziShop.


Here, you'll find the sections: Videos, Help and Tutorials, as well as direct access to your Business Partners for any questions.


The Videos section

This section includes 3 videos:

  • Welcome video: welcome to WiziShop Partners!
  • Affiliation product tour: a step-by-step tour of the Affiliation section of WiziShop Partners.
  • Partnership product tour: a step-by-step tour of the Partnership section of WiziShop Partners.

Help and Tutorials + Business Partner

Capture_d_e_cran_2023-03-24_a__15.35.35.pngHelp and Tutorials give you access to the WiziShop Partners section of the Help Center. Good news, if you're reading this tutorial, you're already there!

On the Business Partner section, you can contact us for any questions about your WiziShop Partners account. By clicking on "Contact Us", you automatically open the chat bubble located at the bottom right of your screen.


WiziShop Group News

In this section, stay informed about the latest news from the Wizishop Group.