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What are the conditions for joining the affiliate program?

The WiziShop Partners affiliate program is open to everyone!

However, when you register, you'll need to fill in the information according to your profile type:

  • Web agency /communication
  • Freelancer
  • Influencer
  • Institutional
  • Marketing service provider
  • Technical service provider
  • Merchant WiziShop, Dropizi, Evolup
  • Individuals

Whatever your profile, individual or professional, you can create your own account on WiziShop Partners, and recommend WiziShop group solutions to your community or customers. Thanks to your affiliate link, you'll earn commissions on your affiliates' WiziShop, Dropizi and/or Evolup subscriptions.


How do I create an affiliate account?

Creating an account on our WiziShop Partners affiliate program is totally free, and very easy to do on our website WiziShop Partners.

You will then be able to activate the affiliate program on your WiziShop Partners account!

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How do I set up my payment information?

You can configure your payment information in My Account > Payment Preferences. You will then be able to choose your payment preference between Paypal transfer and bank transfer. Your payments will be sent to the account you have set up.


What is the minimum amount for a payment request?

In order to make a payment request, from the Earnings > Your commissions section, a minimum amount of €100 in commissions must be available.


How do I request payment of my commissions?

You can request payment of your commissions from Earnings > Your commissions. A "Request payment" button is displayed below the amount of your available commissions. Please note that a minimum of €100 in commissions must be available to request payment.


I need an explanation of my payment status

Your payment history is available in Earnings > Payment history. You can find details of payment statuses in the Earnings tutorial.



How to see the number of subscribers to my link.

You can find your conversion tunnel and the number of registrations via your link in the Stats & Tracking section of your WiziShop Partners administration space. Go to the Stats & Tracking tutorial for more information.


What's the difference between registrants and customers in my statistics?

The number of registrants corresponds to the number of people registered with WiziShop, Dropizi and/or Evolup during the test period. The number of customers corresponds to registrants who have validated a plan and activated their account beyond the free trial period.



Where can I find my commission history?

You can track your commissions in the [Stats & Tracking] section (https://admin.partners.wizishop.com/fr/aff/stats) of your WiziShop Partners administration area, as well as all commissions awarded, paid and canceled. Visit the Stats & Tracking tutorial for more information.


What percentage of commission am I entitled to?

You can find out what percentage of commission you are entitled to in the Earnings section of your WiziShop Partners administration area.


Why do I have cancelled commissions?

The amount of your commissions is calculated on the subscription invoices paid by your affiliates. It may happen that an invoice is cancelled or refunded to your affiliate's account. In this case, the commission associated with the invoice cannot be attributed to you, and will be cancelled.



Where can I find my WiziShop, Dropizi and/or Evolup promotional tools?

You can find them in the [Promotional tools] section (https://admin.partners.wizishop.com/fr/aff/promotion) of your WiziShop Partners administration space.

In the top right-hand corner, you can choose to display WiziShop, Dropizi and/or Evolup tools.


Can I suggest a content idea or requirement?

Of course you can! To propose your content idea or need, simply write to us in the chat bubble at the bottom right of your WiziShop Partners administration area.


Do you regularly propose new content?

Of course we do. We regularly offer new content for your various communication channels (social networks, blog, newsletters, etc.). You can identify new content by the purple dot in the [Promotional tools] section (https://admin.partners.wizishop.com/fr/aff/promotion).