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Affiliation : Stats & Tracking

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To check your statistics and the follow-up of your WiziShop Partners account, go directly to the Stats & Tracking section of the platform.

You will then have access to the different parts of this tab:

  • Subscriptions and sales
  • Advanced statistics
  • Real time tracking
  • Tracking of your commissions



Sign-ups and sales


This is the summary table of your monthly listings and sales for the current year.

Move your cursor over the markers on the curve to see the number of listings and monthly sales.


Advanced statistics

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Here you can find general statistics about :

  • Your conversion tunnel (number of clicks, conversion to registrants and conversion to customers)
  • Retention & Average Gain (your monthly retention, average gain per customer and number of active customers)
  • Plan Classification (Standard, Pro and Advanced plans)


Real time tracking


Under this heading, you will be able to find the real time follow-up of your registrations and customers.


Tracking your commissions


And under this last part, you will find the follow-up of your commissions since the creation of your WiziShop Partners account.

You will be able to discover a summary of your commissions and filter them via the tabs (All commissions / Paid / Cancelled) to have access to the data of your affiliates, as well as the status and amount of your commissions concerning them.