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Stock and delivery: Webdrop


Some services of the Webdrop solution are only available in French. Working with this supplier will require some proficiency in French.


The product stock quantities are entered on each product page, as well as on the product lists.
Webdrop’s stock and your store’s stock are automatically synchronized, irrespective of your chosen subscription. This is carried out overnight, every day.


How do I find out about delivery times and charges?

The delivery times and the applicable charges are indicated on each product page.
The delivery times and average shipping costs are also indicated on each supplier’s page.
☝️ Good to know

If you place an order with two different suppliers, the delivery fees will be combined.

How do I reproduce these delivery methods on my store?

Follow the steps to set up your delivery methods on Dropshipping: Dropizi: Delivery

How long does it take to prepare and ship an order on Webdrop?

Webdrop’s delivery times vary between 2 and 5 business days depending on the supplier selected.

Can I obtain the tracking number for the parcels that have been dispatched?

The carrier will indicate your order tracking number directly in your list of orders.

Will my clients know that the product has been shipped by Webdrop?

No, Webdrop suppliers use plain packaging. Only suppliers such as Perlinéa and Fabos stamp their name on the parcel. Please refer to Webdrop’s FAQ to find out more.

Can I stamp my logo/brand on the parcels?

It is not possible to stamp your logo or personalize your products’ packaging.

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