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The AMP format


The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) format is a technology developed by Google that reduces the loading time of web pages viewed on a mobile phone or tablet.  Hosted directly by Google, AMP pages offer a lighter content than the classic mobile pages of your website. Only text and images are retrieved. They are symbolized by a small lightning bolt in the search results and are generally very well positioned since they are favored by Google.
As the content of these pages is already preloaded by Google on its servers, it will be displayed on average 4 times faster than on a conventional mobile page. The opening and consultation of these pages will not be disturbed by additional scripts such as animations or pop-ups, or by Call-to-Action buttons or even forms. The AMP displays the content of your page in its most simplified form.
The URL of these pages is also characterized by the /amp/ element added to the classic URL of the page.

On our solution, the AMP format is enabled by default for all stores, on product pages, category pages and blog pages. However, it can be disabled from the SEO > AMP tab.

☝️ Good to know
If the AMP format cannot be displayed for a specific page on your site (because of an incompatible script, for example), the classic mobile format will be displayed by default. You will not have to perform any action on your store. 
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