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Dedicated Cloud

WiziShop has chosen Dedicated Cloud provided by OVH to host its platform. This cloud guarantees hosting on French soil and being subject to French legislation only. It avoids being subject to extraterritorial laws such as the American Cloud Act that allows intrusions of secret services on some servers without prior notice.
Besides, the Dedicated Cloud guarantees full insulation for the platform. On a conventional cloud, different parties can own virtual servers hosted by mutualized physical servers (malicious entities may be hosted on the same server). With the Dedicated Cloud, WiziShop is the owner and therefore sole user of the physical servers operating the solution's virtual servers. 


The Dedicated Cloud is based on the WMware technology, a leader in the cloud sector, that guarantees a powerfully resilient tool. WMware certification and the specification associated to this technology are carefully followed by OVH teams. WiziShop benefits from the security of WMware processes while enjoying the flexibility of added physical servers within our OVH cloud.

Peak of activity

This hosting choice also allows a very quick reaction to major peaks of activity. Within a few minutes, the processing power of the Wizishop infrastructure can be doubled or trebled, with physical servers becoming rapidly available, on which virtual servers can be duplicated in real time. 
Whether ramp-ups are gradual (holiday season, for example), sudden (sales) or special (major communication campaign), they will be easily managed by our platform thanks to its architecture.

Managed services

Security of operating systems

WiziShop uses Linux-based operating systems, trusted in terms of security. These operating systems are monitored in real time by our managed services team. Their task is to ensure the systems' security by intervening immediately to update the servers if necessary and checking in real time that no component is compromised.
In direct link with the Technical Manager and the Delegate for data protection, the managed services team also reports any unusual behaviour and triggers an audit and a communication if necessary.

Platform availability

The managed services team and the developing team responsible for the platform's good availability are present 24/7. Both teams are in direct communication and share monitoring tools to intervene at the slightest alert.
If the platform is unavailable, it is automatically reported to a third-party tool guaranteeing non-alteration of information, and intervention is publicly documented to ensure communication is as open as possible.
The WiziShop status page can be found at this address: status.wizishop.com

Language versions

WiziShop always uses the last version of any programming language used on the different infrastructures. It allows us to prevent failures.

Data backup

Data base

The data saved by each merchant is stored in database servers spread within our Dedicated Cloud. This data is automatically replicated in real time within another data server. If the first base fails, the second one can be used without the data being altered.
Besides, data is automatically saved every 2 hours on storage servers physically hosted in another geographical location. This configuration allows us to restore lost data in case of an improbable simultaneaous failure of our two servers, and also to ensure a Disaster Recovery Plan in case of a complete destruction of the data hosted in the first geographical location, following a fire, for example.
Services used for storing data:

  • Our data is stored in MariaDB bases, distributed on multiple instances of servers.
  • For an optimal user experience and better search results in our stores' engines, the search data is stored within Algolia business instances.
  • To optimize answering time for our store pages, cache data is stored on Redis-type cache farms (memory cache).

Storage of images

Images added on our stores are stored on SSD hard disks configured in RAID. This configuration allows very efficient storage and guarantees total security of the stored data. Storage in RAID allows the recovery of lost data even if half of the hard disks composing each RAID fail.
Besides, this data is automatically replicated on an external content delivery network. This network guarantees data security and its recovey in case of failure of one of the RAID and also an optimal speed for page display. A content delivery network displays images from the server nearest to the visitor to ensure a browsing experience as smooth as possible.

Virtual servers backup

All the virtual servers composing Wizishop's infrastructure are also saved on servers located elsewhere in France. These multiple backups guarantee the most complete Disaster Recovery Plan.

Storage of passwords

Hashing and salting

All passwords used in our solution (our merchant's administrator password or their clients' login passwords) are stored in such a way that they could not be used in case data is compromised.
WiziShop uses a data hashing technology. Hashing allows no step back: to check if the password entered for authentication is the right one, our system hashes the entered password and compares it with the one stored in its database.
On top of hashing, a double salting of the passwords is also done automatically: letters are added and inverted within the password with a special Wizishop algorithm.
💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions regarding data security!