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Smartarget: boost engagement on my store

Using various applications, Smartarget allows you to increase the engagement of your visitors/customers and boost your sales without the need for coding.

Smartarget applications

Smartarget applications are organized into 3 sections:

  • Engagement Section - the applications in this section display various kinds of information and messages about your store to convince your visitors to buy from you.
  • Contact Us Section - the applications in this section make it easy for users to contact you (via Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.)
  • Social Media Section - the applications in this section promote your social media and increase your number of followers on these networks.

Applications available in the Engagement section

  • Corner Ribbon - Promote a special offer through a diagonal banner
  • Exit Popup - Shows a special offer to visitors via a pop-up before they leave your website
  • Information message - Displays important information about your store via a pop-up
  • Social Sales - Reassures your customers by displaying that there are currently sales in progress on the store
  • Button Builder - Creates a special button with a call to action
  • FAQ - Provides answers and increases visitor/customer confidence in your store

Applications available in the Contact Us section

  • Whatsapp Contact Us - Allows your customers to contact you via WhatsApp
  • Email Contact Us - Allows your customers to contact you via email
  • Click to call - Add a "call us" button on your store
  • Skype Contact Us - Allows your customers to contact you via Skype
  • Telegram Contact Us - Allows your customers to contact you via Telegram
  • Facebook Contact Us - Allows your customers to contact you via Facebook Messenger
  • Contact Us - All in one - Add all "Contact Us" in one click: Whatsapp, Messenger, Email, etc.
  • Contact Form - Allows customers to contact you by filling in a form

Applications available in the Social Media section

  • Follow Us - Allows you to display a floating bar with your social media on your store
  • Instagram follow us - Allows you to have a “Follow us on Instagram” pop-up window

Smartarget Prices

There are two types of subscriptions: one free and the other paid.

  • The FREE Smartarget subscription gives you access to ALL applications with a limit of 50 clicks per month. If you reach 50 clicks, the applications will only be visible on your homepage. Most user interactions come from internal pages, so you'll see a drop in interactions if you reach the limit. In addition, some of the applications will display a “Provided by Smartarget” message.
  • The Smartarget PRO subscription gives you access to all applications without limitation on clicks and without a “Provided by Smartarget” message. As a Wizishop user, you get a 10% discount by using the promo code WIZISHOP.

How do I add SmartTarget to my store? 

Here are the steps to follow :

  • Create an account on the Smartarget website (link to the registration form available here), go to Integration and copy the line of code.
  • Go to our solution's administration area, in Configuration > Tag & External services, then click on the module “Scripts Free” module.
  • Select "at the end of content  " in the drop-down banner entitled "Location".
  • In the “Content of the script” section, paste the Smartarget code you previously copied.
  • Make sure you leave the "This script does not require GDPR validation" box unchecked. 

 To work correctly, the Smartarget script needs to track the actions and data of users who visit your store. In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, your visitor can now decide not to share this information with the third-party services that you use. 


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