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Several teams of experts put at your disposal many resources to understand everything about the web business and develop your sales.

Here you will find all the resources you need to get started:

đŸŽ„ The video trainings

From the creation of your project to the development of your business, our training gives you details of all the stages of setting up and developing your online store. 

📚 The help center 

Find all our tutorials to help you set your online store as you wish.

⚡ The News & Updates section

In your administration area, the News & Updates section keeps you informed on important technical updates in real time.

đŸŽžïž The Wizishop and Evolup YouTube channels

Find all our news, video tutorials and training webinars on our channel. 

📰 The WiziShop and Evolup blogs

Every week, check out our latest blog posts to learn all about e-commerce. 

💬 The Business Coaches

Our Business Coaches are real experts in e-commerce and support you in managing your business on a daily basis. 

đŸ€– The AppStore

A central platform where you can discover all the features and tools available to meet a variety of needs and interests.

🚀 Our suggestion center 

In this space, you will find all the requested features and their status.

ïžđŸ–„ïž The server status page

Find the status of WiziShop services in real time. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the page to be informed by email. 
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