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The management of my URLs redirects


Redirecting your URLs is vital to ensure you don’t interfere with your natural listing.
When the URLs are modified (as a result of a change of name or repositioning of a product or category), or are no longer available (because a product has been removed or archived), you need to redirect them to avoid receiving 404 error messages.  

To do this, go to your Administration space in the SEO section > 301 monitor or in the Configuration section (cogwheel) > Manage redirections.

You will find here 3 tabs (list of 404 errors, personalized redirections and automatic redirections). 

Personalized redirections

You can use this tool to set up the redirection of one specific URL to another (example: the redirection of another website’s URL to an internal URL of your website, or the redirection of your website’s URL of your website towards an external website).
When you remove a product, or set a product to “non-displayed” status, you will need to perform a personalized redirection, to redirect the older URL to an existing URL on your store.
To do this, click on Add a Redirection and then add your redirection in the empty field as follows:

URL to redirect semi-colon redirection URL

Example: /my-category/article-1.html;/my-new-cat/article-1.html

Automatic redirections

Our platform provides for automatic redirection when you change the name or move a category or a product.
In addition, when you change the name of a product or category, a redirection is performed automatically, so you do not need to do anything here.

Find your automatic redirections in the "Automatic redirections" tab.


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