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The management of my URLs redirects


Redirecting your URLs is vital to ensure you don’t interfere with your natural listing.
When the URLs are modified (as a result of a change of name or repositioning of a product or category), or are no longer available (because a product has been removed or archived), you need to redirect them to avoid receiving 404 error messages.  

To do this, go to your Administration space in the SEO section > 301 monitor or in the Configuration section (cogwheel) > Manage redirections.

You will find here 3 tabs (list of 404 errors, personalized redirections and automatic redirections). 

Personalized redirections

You can use this tool to set up the redirection of one specific URL to another (example: the redirection of another website’s URL to an internal URL of your website, or the redirection of your website’s URL of your website towards an external website).
When you remove a product, or set a product to “non-displayed” status, you will need to perform a personalized redirection, to redirect the older URL to an existing URL on your store.
To do this, click on Add a Redirection and then add your redirection in the empty field as follows:

URL to redirect semi-colon redirection URL

Example: /my-category/article-1.html;/my-new-cat/article-1.html

Automatic redirections

Our platform provides for automatic redirection when you change the name or move a category or a product.
In addition, when you change the name of a product or category, a redirection is performed automatically, so you do not need to do anything here.

Find your automatic redirections in the "Automatic redirections" tab.


👉 Resource

301 redirect: Definition, examples of use, and 5 common mistakes to avoid

☝️ Good to know

If you find on your front store an inaccessible page with the message "Request access", it's because you have too many redirects looping around and not allowing access to this URL. You'll need to check your personalized and automatic redirects to remove/modify this redirect.

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