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Why should you create a blog? 

Managing a blog is a time consuming activity, between the search for new ideas and the writing of articles. However, publishing articles regularly will allow you to improve your referencing, create traffic, help you improve your reputation and in the end boost your sales. 

5 steps to write a blog article:

  1. Find the topic of your article. You can find ideas in your competitors' blogs, on the news, answer questions either asked by your clients or more widely interesting to the web users. 
  2. Find a key word to optimize the natural SEO of your article. It must be linked to your store's activity and its competition rate should not be too high. To make this identification process easier, you can use tools such as SEMRUSH or Google Adwords for example.
  3. Write the text of your blog article (use 3 main points). Note all your ideas without bothering about the order, group these ideas around a structure, Write your article, first the main body then the introduction and finally the conclusion where you insert a call to action. This can be a link to one of your products. NB: For a good referencing, your article should have at least 750 words
  4. Choose a photo or an image to illustrate your ideas. There are very complete free image banks (see tutorial Create beautiful visuals). Of course, your visual should be in direct relation with the theme of your article.
  5. Check, publish and circulate your article so that it is referenced and reused. Check your article before publication. The paragraphs should be clear, short and lively. It should be free of spelling and syntax errors. Put the important ideas in bold. Circulate the link to your article on your social media and share it to get visibility. 

How to create a blog article on your store

If you want to create a blog article, go to Content > Blog > Create an article
When you create your article:

  • Write the title
  • Write your article (do not forget to save every block of your article)
  • Choose a category or create a new category
  • Insert your keywords
  • Add the author of the article
  • Complete the advanced details (these details are important for referencing) 

☝️ Good to know

You can publish your article at once or program its publication on a precise day and time


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You can use our artificial intelligence to help you write blog articles !
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