Place an order with BusyXPro

⚠️ BusyX Pro's solution is only available in French. Working with this supplier will require some proficiency in French.


You received an order on your store for BusyX Pro product? Great news! Let's see how to process the order on the platform.

1 . Connect to your Dropizi extension from your computer.
2 . Go to the section Orders > View all orders, run the mouse over the order to validate and click on the small D. Click on the button Order that will redirect you to the order process on BusyX Pro.
3 . Validate delivery and payment.
4 . You are now redirected to BusyX Pro so as to pay your order to your supplier. Go to the section Commandes and click on the icon Method of payment (PayPal or credit card).
Before you complete your order, you should fill in your own payment details. 
5 . Your order is now run! The small D is now green in the section Orders > View all the orders in your administration space.
👉 Please note: When BusyX Pro sends your order, you should change yourself the status of the order on Doprizi to Current delivery. This will inform your client of the order progress. 
💡 Our tip: Do not wait too long before you place your order so that your client is not kept waiting!
💬 Please contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!