What do my customers look for in my store's search engine?

Your visitors type different words into your store’s search engine each day. These words are a significant source of information to analyze. They will allow you to better understand your customers’ expectations.  Almost 30% of your visitors will use your store's internal search engine to access your products!

To view your search statistics, go to Orders & Stats > Manage my search statistics



In this section, you will find all the words searched by your visitors, the number of times the term was searched and the number of results that the search engine offers. You also have the option of redirecting your visitor to a specific page according to their search. 

Example: You sell digital cameras and analyze your search statistics. You then realize that the term “wrist strap” has been searched 1,315 times. This is a very good indicator of what your customers are expecting, so it's a safe bet that adding a few wrist strap references will increase your orders as well as your average shopping cart!

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