Sort my products

Via the Products section > Sort your products, you can change the display order of your products for each of your category pages.

N.B: By default on WiziShop, the order in which your products are displayed is alphabetical.

There is a menu in which you will find all the categories and subcategories of your store:
Once the category is selected, all the products in this category will be displayed:
The serial numbers on each product correspond to their positioning on your category page:


If you wish to change the order of these products, it will first be necessary to check the box "Active manual sorting for this products category”:
Small grey handles to the left of each product will then allow you to "drag and drop" your products to move them:

Quick tip: For categories with a lot of products, you can also directly change the order number underlined in orange.
You can also sort your products automatically: 



  • by New items (from newest to oldest)
  • by Price (from cheapest to most expensive)
  • by Best Sellers (from best-selling product to least-selling product)
  • by Availability (from the product with the most stock to the product with the least stock)

N.B.: Once saved, the display order will be frozen. Your newly added products will not be automatically sorted. If you add 2 products to this category, you will have to click again on the type of sorting you want, to take into account these new products in the sorting.

💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!