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Set up the Facebook pixel and export the product catalog


Facebook often offers the Facebook pixel when you subscribe to its "Facebook Dynamic Product Ads" service. It automatically promotes of all your catalog's products on Facebook.

It has 3 main functions: 

  • To create personalized audiences from your website for remarketing purposes
  • To optimize ads for conversions
  • To track conversions and redirect them to your ads

You will need to create a Facebook pixel before installing it on your WiziShop store. It is very easy to do.

Creating the Pixel

Creating and adding the Pixel to your store

Here are the steps to follow to create your Facebook pixel :

The different events managed 

The events managed are the following:

  • View content : When the visitor checks your page or your ad
  • Payment initiated : When the visitor is on the recap page of the basket
  • AddToCart : When the visitor adds a product to the cart

Do not hesitate to check the Meta page of the specifications for Meta Pixel standard events.

Export your product catalog

Domain name verification on Facebook Business Manager

If you want to use your catalog in Facebook Ads, you first need to verify your domain name with Facebook Business Manager.

These are the steps to follow :

  • In your Business Manager, go to Business Settings.
  • In Brand Safety, click on Domains. There, you can add your domain name by clicking on Add.
  • Enter your domain name in the form www.yourdomainname.com, and click on Add a domain.
  • Choose the HTML file upload method and click on the link to download.
  • Copy the code given in your file.
  • Head now on your Wizishop account, in Settings > Tags and external services > Facebook/Instagram.
  • In the Domain check section, paste the verification code you downloaded.
  • Go back to your Business Manager and click on the link at point 3, then click on Verify. 

Your domain name is now verified on Facebook.

Choose and export your catalog

  • Add the Google product category on your products

Before you export your catalog, you must make sure that your products have been properly categorized. The first step is to link your product pages to the sections that correspond the best to the type of products you sell. To do this, go to the SEO tab on your product page, then Additional details for marketplaces.  

Then, enter your google_product_category in each of your product pages, in the SEO tab, in Additional details for purchasing guides.

This step is essential as it will prevent Facebook from sending you an error message when you upload your catalog.

  • Create your product export feed for Facebook

In Settings > Tags and external services > Facebook/Instagram, you can choose to export all of your products or a selection.

You can then click on "Export" to generate your catalog XML URL to send to Facebook. 

✋ Good to know

Facebook does not take product variants into account on its system. If your catalog contains products with variants, your customer will be automatically redirected to your website to view the complete product page. 

Import your catalog on Facebook

  • Shopping template

In your Facebook page Settings, under Templates and tabs, your store template should be "Shopping". This is the template that will activate the "Shop" tab on the page. Make sure that your page is operating under the "Shopping" template.  To do this, follow the detailed procedure in the Facebook Help Center : 

How do I change my Page template on Facebook?

  • Business Manager

Once your Shopping page is activated, you can create the catalog that will receive your product data feed:  Create a catalog.

Once your catalog is created, you can set up an automatic upload of your products from WiziShop to Facebook via a URL. Follow the instructions given in the Use a URL section only : Upload items to a catalog with a data feed.

Your file hosting URL should have been created when you set up your pixel. You can find it in Settings > Tags and external services > Facebook/Instagram

💡 Useful tip

You can test your Facebook Pixel via the Pixel Helper extension to make sure everything is working well.

👉 Resources

Find business support on Meta Business help center


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!