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Special offer in the cart


Animate your store and increase your average ticket by offering a gift or a special offer directly in your cart page, from a certain purchase amount.

In addition to their shopping cart page, your customers will also find their gift on their invoice and their order summary.

Go to Settings (cogwheel) > Store settings. In the "Ordering process" tab, under "Special offer in the cart", activate the option and enter the amount from which it will be triggered. Then, customize its display with text and an image.
Once your offer is set up, the important thing is to communicate as much as possible about it to encourage your customers to increase the amount of their basket:

  • Announce it on your slideshow
  • Refer to it on your home page
  • Set up a banner in your page elements
  • Announce it directly in your cart

☝️ Good to know

You will need to manually manage and dispatch your free product. You just need to add the product to the parcel containing your customer’s order.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!