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Customize my design


With the design customization tool, you can visualize the aspect of your store on the different media : screen, tablet, smartphone.    
You can select your template (Milano, Paris, Havana, Berlino, Responsive one) in the section Appearance > Select another design.
When you have selected your template, go back to the section Appearance and click on Customize your template.
In this section, you will have different possibilities to customize your template :

  • You can preview your graphic modifications and reset them with the 2 buttons at the very top of the tool.
  • Display format : Change the viewing type to view the aspect on the different media.
  • Site's width : choose a design that takes up the full width of the screen or remains compact
  • Color scheme: 15 preset color schemes are at your disposal, and you can also use your own colors (click on the star wheel, use the color palette or enter the hexadecimal codes of the chosen colors in the fields: dominant color, secondary color, background color).
  • Title and text fonts: choose among the different fonts.
  • Font size: small, medium or large.
  • Website background: choose one of our designs or download your own customized background image. For this, you can choose 4 display options (repeat background, center background, high-placed background and background adapted to the browser's size)

Do not forget to save before you exit the tool!

💬 Feel free  to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!