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The 4 types of discounts applicable to my products

On WiziShop, different types of discounts are possible for your products.
For this, you have 2 solutions:     

  • From your list of products, select the product(s) for which you want to apply the same discount and click on "Apply a discount".
  • From the "Price & Stock" tab on your product page, you can also assign a discount to your product.

Here are the 4 possible types of discount:


A promotion must have a start and end date (and time). 
Set your promotion in € or % and set it to display on your store.


Like for discounts, set your sale price in € or %, enter a start and end date and time, and set it to appear on your store. 

☝️ Good to know

The use of the word "Sale" or "On sale" being strictly regulated, it is forbidden to sell items at a price advertised as "sold out" outside the official sale dates.

Flash sale

As with discounts and sales, set your flash sale in € or % and set a start and end date and time.
An animated countdown will then be added to your product page. The customer will see the seconds pass, encouraging an impulse buy... 
Flash sales are also displayed in lists such as categories, search results, cross-selling, etc.

To set up flash sales, go to :

  • The product page, in the "Price & Stock" tab by adding a "flash sale" type discount.
  • The list of products, by selecting the different products concerned and by clicking on the button "Apply a discount".

Volume discount

You can apply a discount (in € or in %) to your product, depending on the quantity ordered by the customer. For example, offer a 5% discount if the customer orders 5 units of the same product, 20% discount for 10 units, etc.
You can apply up to 5 decreasing price brackets.

In order to set up sliding scale prices, we leave you the choice between 2 options:

  • In the product page, in the "Price & Stock" tab, by adding a "Volume discount".
  • In the product list, by selecting the different products concerned and by clicking on the "Apply a discount" button. You can also do the same operation to deactivate your quantity discounts by choosing "Delete discounts" in the drop-down menu "Other actions".

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!