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Import my products from BrandsDistribution


Thanks to the Dropizi Google Chrome extension, you can import products to your store from the supplier BrandsDistribution, wholesaler in designer clothing and fashion accessories. 

To start importing your products, you will first need to create an account on BrandsDistribution by following these steps:

  1. From the Dropizi extension, click on Open BrandsDistribution, you will then be redirected to BrandsDistribution.
  2. The next step will be to register on BrandsDistribution.
  3. Fill out the registration form.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to you and will allow you to validate your registration.
  5. Now go to the My Account section and fill in your personal data as well as your company information. Then, you will have to fill in your billing and delivery addresses, your automatic payment method, as well as your contact preferences.
  6. Once you have filled in your information, you can choose your subscription. Two Dropshipping rates are available, with or without commitment.
  7. Select the subscription of your choice and validate. (Do not hesitate to check the very complete FAQ of the platform before subscribing).

💡 Useful Tip

To benefit from BrandsDistribution's preferential rates, go to our dedicated page.

How to import BrandsDistribution products on my store?

To start importing your BrandsDistribution products to your store, open the Dropizi extension from Google Chrome, log in (if you haven't already) and select the "BrandsDistribution" tab.

From your BrandsDistribution account, go to the My Account section, select the My Subscriptions tab and copy your API-Key.

Paste it in the dedicated field of the Dropizi extension. Also enter your password, then click on "Validate".

Once your API key is validated, click on the "Open BrandsDistribution" button.

You now have access to the BrandsDistribution catalog and can import your products!

What information is imported when importing a product?

When you import a product from BrandsDistribution, some information will be automatically imported and other information will have to be added by you. What information is automatically imported?

On the main product:

  • The SKU code "Stock Keeping Unit", it is a unique number used for the internal tracking of stocks of a company or the product reference. It starts with dibd- for all BrandsDistribution products
  • The name of the product
  • The long description of the product
  • The brand of the product
  • The SupplierReference of the product
  • The product cost 
  • The product images

On product variants: 1 variant per color/size

  • The name and the label of the variant option
  • The value of the variant
  • The SKU or reference of the variant
  • The EAN13 code
  • The price of the variant
  • The weight of the variant
  • The quantity at the time of the import of the variant

☝️ Good to Know
The short descriptions of the products are not imported.

Why is there no DropiziRank on BrandsDistribution?

The DropiziRank notation is only applicable to AliExpress. As other product suppliers are not marketplaces, their operating mode is very different from AliExpress' (different controls, delivery times, chosen products).
Criteria taken into account in the DropiziRank scoring (number of orders placed with the supplier, average delivery times, clients' notifications on both supplier and ordered products) are only useful on a marketplace such as AliExpress.


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!