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How to calculate the sale price of my products?

To calculate your sale price, you should first calculate your cost price, which is the total amount of direct and indirect expenses incurred in the sale of your product. 

Sale price = cost price + desired gain  

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when establishing your sale price. Here is a list of the most important points that your calculation should take into account:

Direct expenses 

Supply cost 

Naturally, the starting point in your calculation is the cost of purchasing your product. If your supplier applies discounts to their products, always take into account the original price of the product so that there is no loss of margin if the discount comes to an end.

Delivery costs

In order to "waive" the delivery costs on your website and offer free delivery to your customers, you need to include the costs of delivering the product in its purchase price.

Packaging the products

If you are responsible for delivery, you will need to factor in the cost of packaging your products when posting them.

Indirect expenses

Advertising campaign budget

To increase your traffic, you will need to run advertising campaigns. You can calculate an average for the budget spent on your store, and factor it in your price calculation.

The costs of hosting your website.

You sell your products on a WiziShop store, so you have selected one of our monthly plans. It is a mandatory expense when selling your products online. You may, for example, divide your subscription cost by the number of products for sale, and include it in your sale price. You should also include the transaction fees (according to your offer) applied by WiziShop to your monthly turnover.

The fees relating to your payment method.

Depending on your chosen payment method, fees will apply to the payments you receive, which will also need to be taken into account.

Any social security contributions and taxes for which you are responsible, depending on your status.

If you have a company, you will need to pay social security contributions. Depending on the amount of these contributions, it may be worth taking them into account when calculating your sale price.


☝️ Good to know

If you are operating a dropshipping store, and you import your products from AliExpress, you will notice that the price displayed on your administration area is not the same as the sale price displayed on the AliExpress product page. Our system runs an algorithm which calculates a recommended selling  price for your products.

Here's how it works (our system is based on your product’s basic price, and not the discounted price):

  • Purchase price over €100 = the recommended selling price is multiplied by 2
  • Purchase price between €50 and €100 = the recommended selling price is multiplied by 2.45
  • Purchase price between €15 and €50 = the recommended selling price is multiplied by 2.75
  • Purchase price between €3 and €15 = the recommended selling price is multiplied by 3
  • Purchase price less than €3 = the recommended selling price is multiplied by 6

If you import your products from BigBuy, BrandsDistribution, BusyXpro or Webdrop, we use the retail price that the supplier recommends. You can change the price of your imported products after importing them from your product pages.


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